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This year, as I think of mother's day, I can't help but think also about the village of mothers that raised me. Motherhood is such a wonderful act of selflessness, and  mothers deserve all the days dedicated to celebrating them. This mother's day, I'm also paying tribute to the grandmas who stepped in to lighten the load, the mentors who have guided as we've grown and found our own ways, the village of mamas who dare to speak out of turn when they see things going south. This mother's day we celebrate you too!

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I think of my own friends now having babies and how my heart is growing to accommodate the new children that are being born to me via my friends. It's so surreal and delightful at the same time; somewhere between I can't believe we're old enough to have babies and what an incredibly

This mother's day is for mothers and mother figures. The ones who've been there through the hard days, and the long days, the ones in whose arms we've also found comfort of home, the ones who continue to give as selflessly as only mothers do.

This one is for you mom, it's for you aunt, it's for you church aunties, it's for you grandma, and it's for you too who longs to be mum.

For our Mothers and Mother Figures, Happy Mother's Day!

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