Real Estate Closing Gift for Clients from Realtors

Owning a home is a big deal! From the countless viewings, the waiting to see if your offer made the cut, and the roller coaster of emotions that house hunting can bring; it's a lot!

So does the relationship need to end once the house is bought? We think not! A happy client is an excellent marketing tool; they'll tell their friends about you, and send more clients your way if you encourage them to!

A gift box is a simple and effective way to keep relationships with your clients open after the closing day. Here's why:

  1. Gifts can be a great way to say, I really enjoyed working with you (or maybe it's more like glad this house hunt is over). 

2. Sending your clients branded gifts like the apron in this picture stay at the top of mind of your clients


3. And when tastefully done, like in a handwritten gift card included in this By Fopsy Gift Box they are also an excellent way to ask for referrals.

Keep Client Relationships Alive

Talk to us about curating thoughtful gift boxes for your clients today!

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